Business Summary

Underdog Unlimited was founded out of the desire to help local government and business
regain control of their data from the large cloud providers.


  1. We provide DevOps training for existing IT groups, or provide assistance in the
    process of acquiring talented staff for organizations looking to build IT teams with a
    focus on security and automation.
  2. Evaluate IT teams for improved processes and efficiencies, to provide better reliability
    and security.
  3. Building and/or consulting cloud computing and storage solutions using popular open
    source tools such as, Ansible, OpenStack and Ceph.


With over fifteen year in the IT industry and over 20 years experience with computers
systems, the Underdog Unlimited team has experience with embedded systems, small
computers, and enterprise data-centers.

Company Background:

Underdog Unlimited Inc was established in 2021 by Jeremy Lee after his older brother’s life
was “saved” by a rescue dog. Underdog Unlimited Inc and businesses under the brand of
Underdog Unlimited Inc,